Meditate Without Meditating

I just heard an NPR story about new research showing the effects of meditation on the body. The researcher was saying that some people are better at meditating than others, and the effects of meditation vary from person to person. Some people just seem to be challenged in doing a meditation practice. As I was hearing the story, I thought of my own meditation “practice.” My practice continues to change, and it may totally change again tomorrow. But for a while now, my main practice has been inspired by the late Osho’s Book of Secrets. In the book, he describes 112 meditation techniques, any one of which might suit someone as their path to awakening. He encourages you to try them out, see what works for you.

These days I rarely sit in meditation. I often awaken at 4 a.m., and meditate myself back to sleep. I am grateful for my bed that adjusts to semi-sitting. And upon awakening, my daily prayers are mostly gratitudes for…many things, and a prayer for blessing and protection of my loved ones, then the world. But my meditation practice is waiting for me at any waking moment, any time of the day. As I am doing whatever I am doing, making breakfast, driving, walking, talking, listening, waiting…I keep some of my awareness on my breath, going in and out, and on my sixth Chakra, the third eye, Ajna, the gateway. Sometimes it helps to just gently and slightly direct my eyes upward toward that point between my brows.

Do I always remember to do this? Right. But I have two favorite cues to remind me. One is a small, clear crystal stone in the shape of a heart, carried in my right front pocket. The other is “Thank You.” Any time I hear or see those two words, or hear myself say them, that is my cue to remember my breath, to come into the moment, and the gateway. I have suggested this to many others, and it is something that you can try. No need to sit in meditation. Make your life a meditation. Make up your own cues. Lots of people like sticky notes. Who knows, it may change your life. If not, Osho has 111 other ideas for you.