Manifestation 101, The Not-So-Secret Secret

At the gym this morning, I saw an Under Armor T shirt that said, “Don’t Finish Last.” I thought, this must be just about the worst sports slogan in the world. Remember “The Secret?” Came out a few years ago. The big secret is that you can manifest your physical reality through your thoughts. Not big news to everybody, however, like Osho, who said, “Thoughts are things.” That is the most succinct way of stating it that I have ever heard. Like Fritz Perls, who founded and developed Gestalt therapy. One of the core ideas of Gestalt therapy is that what you focus your attention upon moves to the foreground of your reality. Even if the thing you are focusing upon is something that you don’t want, like “Don’t Finish Last.” Most sports coaches know this. Don’t think, “Don’t strike out,” or, “Don’t make an error.” It just increases your probabilities of failure. Your imagination is a preview of coming attractions. It’s foolish not to win in your own fantasies.